The Nuddge community consists of those people who want to enhance their emotional wellbeing. These are everyday people, friends, neighbours, uncles, brothers and sisters. In the Nuddge community, you are not any different than anyone else. We create a safe place for you.


We provide an always-on service that fits neatly into your pocket.

Engage with our Coachto enhance your emotional wellbeing
Explore and discover safe Groups with moderated discussions
Track your emotionsto build a better understanding of yourself


Our service is designed around you to help you feel supported. We are paying attention!

Daily help and guidance

Journal and record your journey

Better understanding of yourself

Links to friends and family

Better conversations with doctors

Feel part of something special

Inner Circle

Evidence shows that the more an individual is connected and well-supported, the better they can enhance their emotional wellbeing.

Nuddge allows our members to create their own safe inner circle.


At Nuddge, we believe privacy is paramount. You are empowered to connect, chat and share with only those individuals who you choose as your true companions. Your conversations are your business, no one else's.


Nuddge’s Master Coach is your personal guide to help you enhance your emotional wellbeing. She is there whenever you want her; offering gentle reminders and suggesting potential ways to improve your coping mechanisms.

We welcome you to join the Nuddge community